Rigidized® Metals Acoustical Panels Provide Sound Dampening and Aesthetics for RSS Design Studio in Buffalo, NY

RSS Design Studio

Rigidized® Metals’ patterns 6WL® and 1CS, both perforated, make up the faces on the acoustical ceiling panels installed in the RSS Design Studio in Buffalo, NY. Previously known as the Freight House, the building has been transformed into a Design Studio for architects and designers to collaborate on ideas and projects, utilizing Rigidized® Metals resources and knowledge manufacturing with metals. The RSS Design Studio resides right next to Rigidized® Metals’ headquarters.

The building went through a series of exterior renovations, including decks, railings, security screens and eaves. Inside, new floors were added, glass doors, lighting, a kitchenette and a restroom. However, the echo and reverberation of sound was an issue. Rigidized® Metals created and installed our TXTRWall Sound Acoustical Ceiling Panels, significantly cutting out the ambient noise. Testing to determine by how much is coming soon.

Check out a time lapse of the panels being installed, here.

Later, to compliment the installation, custom acoustical ceiling clouds were designed and assembled by Crafted Concepts Architects and Builders in Buffalo, NY, to enhance the acoustical properties, as well as add a unique look to the space.

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