Rigidized® Metals products are utilized in the architectural market through interiors, exteriors, and custom projects. Learn how Rigidized® Metals’ products are used in architectural applications here.

Architectural Solutions

As the originator and world leader of engineered metal surfaces, Rigidized Metals Corporation® manufactures lasting impressions. We continue to explore the world of textures, finishes, forms and shapes to enhance the performance of all metals. Our journey has led us to new discoveries in metal surface engineering. These efforts have made it possible for buildings to stay clean, use less energy and resist both solar heat gain and impact damage. Further, we use LEED-certified sustainable, recyclable, green materials and methods, striving to use less while giving you more.

Our products are designed to last the entire lifespan of your building – both inside and out. Our textures increase durability, hiding the effects of damage and high traffic abuse, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Not only are these products functional and durable, they are also aesthetically pleasing. With over 20 deep-textured patterns to choose from, in a variety of alloys, finishes and coloring options, and a full breadth of fabrication capabilities, the possibilities are truly endless.

Rigidized Metals Corporation