Rigidized® Metals’ DuoTex® line combines the bold presence of our deep textures on a refined embossed, or micro textured, surface.

Create Your Own Combination

By combining a deep texture with a micro textured or embossed surface, you are adding strength and durability to an already appealing surface. Not only are the combinations attractive, the deep texture adds strength, while, in the case of micro textures, the finish is naturally cleaning and consistent, providing a one-of-a-kind surface pattern that will last the lifetime of the application.

Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, these pattern combinations are sure to impress visually, while keeping maintenance costs low, and saving time and resources. Originally designed for elevator cab interiors, the combinations have evolved to clad bar and counter fronts and tops, wall cladding, exterior wall panels, roofing, and other highly exposed applications.

The texture combinations shown below are only the beginning. They’re all stainless steel, and were photographed under various lighting conditions. There are countless combinations that can be done. Please contact a representative to begin exploring.

Bar Front – Southern Tier Brewing Company – 5HR Sandtex®

Jim Cavanaugh Photography

Please note in regards to samples: patterns 1SL Sandtex®, 1SL 3SQ, 1SL Linen, 2FL Sandtex®, 3FL Sandtex®, and 5HR Sandtex® are readily available. The other pattern combinations have limited sample quantities due to demand. Please contact a representative to request specific pattern combination samples or to discuss additional combinations. Rigidized® Metals’ engineered surfaces are available in various widths and thicknesses. Pattern depth varies with gauge. Please request samples for most accurate pattern size.

1SL Sandtex®

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1SL Linen

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SnapCab Elevator Interior – 1SL Sandtex®

SnapCab Elevator Interior – 5HR Sandtex®

2FL Sandtex®

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3FL Sandtex®

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5HR Sandtex®

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5WL® InvariTone

4LB InvariTone

1CS InvariTone

1HM InvariTone

1CS InvariMatte®

1RL InvariMatte®

1NA® InvariTone

1HM InvariMatte®

6HC InvariMatte®

1UN InvariTone

6WL® InvariTone

3ND InvariMatte®

60LTH InvariMatte®

4LB InvariMatte®

5WL® InvariMatte®

6SL® InvariMatte®

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