Rigidized® products have a long list of benefits. Learn here about deep textures, micro textures, sustainability, and aesthetics.

Benefits of Engineered Surfaces

Stainless steel is an extraordinary building material. Adding a texture, be it a deep texture or a micro texture, provides incredible environmental benefits, cost savings, and efficiency, giving customers the assurance that their applications will last with little or no maintenance. In addition, significantly less harm can be made to the environment by using long life materials as opposed to more commonly used materials that require maintenance and replacement.

Rigidized® Metals engineered surfaces offer:

  • Increased Strength and Durability
  • Damage Resistance and Life Cycle Cost Benefits
  • Thermal and Solar Reflective Surfaces
  • Optical Flatness and Controlled Deflection
  • Low Friction Surfaces and Weight Savings
  • Naturally-Cleaning Properties
  • Energy Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • …and more!

Explore additional benefits of Rigidized® Metals’ engineered surfaces.

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