InvariMatte® Aluminum

InvariMatte® stainless steel is well recognized as the gold standard of low glare stainless steel surfaces designed for architectural applications. Millions of square feet have been installed around the world with building owners enjoying beauty, energy savings and low maintenance. And now, this amazing engineered surface is available as an anodized aluminum product.

Arthur J. Altmeyer Social Security Administration Building

Kendall McCaugherty © Hall+Merrick Photographers

InvariMatte® is a non-directional, low gloss, uniformly textured finish with a dull bead blast appearance and superior soil resistance designed for use in architectural applications. While its lower reflectivity lends itself to roofing applications, it can be applied to wall panels, coping and trim. The superb consistency of this finish results in excellent panel-to-panel matching. Since InvariMatte® has no coatings to deteriorate, it will last indefinitely with little maintenance.

Elevate Your Projects to Extraordinary Heights with a Sleek, Durable, and Visually Non-Directional Anodized Aluminum Solution

Discover the limitless possibilities offered by Anodized InvariMatte® Aluminum. Its visually non-directional micro-texture and consistent, uniform appearance ensure a sleek and durable design, while providing exceptional resistance to abrasion and corrosion. This remarkable aluminum solution is the perfect fit for architecture, interior design, and any application that demands top-tier materials.

Compared to a completely smooth surface, InvariMatte® Aluminum provides an increased surface area of approximately 20%. The result is better color saturation, reflection of the environment and visual movement.

The globe at the Raleigh Science Center is a great example of this phenomenon. Although this project features the stainless steel version InvariMatte®, the surface pattern is the same. The reflected color of the sunset, as well as the saturation of blue LED lighting at night allow the globe to have a greater visual impact than can be achieved with painted surfaces.

InvariMatte® Aluminum Features and Benefits

InvariMatte® Aluminum is truly exceptional, offering a myriad of distinctive features and benefits that surpass any other material. More than just a material, InvariMatte® Aluminum offers an unparalleled solution that seamlessly combines aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. InvariMatte® aluminum is readily anodized, bringing the beauty and protection of an anodized layer to your project through either coil or batch anodizing.  Anodized colors are also available.


The micro-textured surface, rolled into the aluminum in coil form, guarantees excellent uniformity, adhering to rigorous standards of roll preparation and metal processing.


Unlike conventionally processed aluminum flat rolled materials, which all have directional or grained surfaces, Anodized InvariMatte® Aluminum can be integrated into various building elements and colors without worrying about orientation, reducing material requirements for nesting and fabrication.


The Sapphire hard anodic layer provides unmatched durability in Tabor Abrasion, Falling Sand, and Pencil Harness testing, ensuring an extended surface life.


InvariMatte® Aluminum offers exceptional corrosion resistance, making it perfect for coastal settings and industrial applications. Its durability remains unaffected even when exposed to salt air and water, providing long-lasting performance.


The micro-textured surface of InvariMatte® minimizes the visibility of fingerprints and simplifies cleaning, leading to reduced maintenance efforts.


The forgiving low-gloss micro-textured surface of InvariMatte® minimizes the visual prominence of bend radii, maintaining the surface’s original aesthetics.


When anodized, InvariMatte® Aluminum greatly reduces the accumulation of dirt deposits, making cleaning much easier and eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

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