Rigidized® Metals provides stainless steel backsplashes and countertops in a number of different patterns and finishes. Add durability and beauty to your restaurant, bar, or food truck.

Stainless Steel Backsplashes With Texture

Backsplashes are functional – they provide an easy-to-clean surface that protects your kitchen application. A distinctive backsplash can also add a splash of decorative accent to your kitchen design. There are no real design rules governing backsplashes. You can wrap it around the entire room to give a sense of visual continuity and help a small space seem larger. Or, place panels behind the range or sink for a highlighting effect. Whatever your ideas, dive in to designing a beautiful kitchen space with a stainless steel or copper backsplash pattern.

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Stainless Steel and Copper Countertops With Texture

Your choice of countertop depends on more than your color and texture preferences. Your customer’s kitchen lifestyle is a key factor also. A hardworking countertop is necessary if they do a lot of cooking. If entertaining is more their style, a beautiful presentation surface may be best. Stainless steel blends well with most any décor, highlighting wood cabinets beautifully. And it provides a heat resistant, anti-bacterial surface that requires minimal maintenance. Copper provides rustic kitchen styling, bringing warmth and glow to kitchen spaces. It’s a more unusual look that provides the same durability and ease of maintenance as stainless steel. Contact us to discuss the many different options to suit your customer’s unique kitchen.

Catering & Food Trucks

Rigidized® Metals had the catering and food truck equipper in mind with our line of stainless steel patterns that provide that classic look without the effort of a fabricator. From the classic 3QLT pattern, an industry standard, to our high-end diamond and mosaic patterns, there is a pattern that will give your truck your own unique look.

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