Rigidized® Metals’ panel systems are smoke and flame tested, impact resistant, and can be designed and fabricated to your specifications. Contact a representative today to learn more about Rigidized® Metals textured panels.

Laminated Panels

Panel cores enhance physical and acoustic properties of the panels. Panels can be faced in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and steel in thicknesses of .016″-.090″. Mechanical finishes include mill, polished, embossed and deep-textured in any Rigidized® Metals pattern. Powder coated and colored stainless steel are also available. Panel thickness can be from 1/4″ to 2″, with the length and width limited to the panel face material (stainless steel 60″x144″). A premium fire rated MDFB, or an aluminum honeycomb core laminated with an FR adhesive, is available, as well.

Smoke and Flame Testing Data

Panel Blocking for Elevator Cab Interiors

Railing Mounting Panel

Need a lightweight panel but worry about drilling and locating railing hardware? Rigidized® Metals Corporation can make your panel with wood-blocking, inserting a strip of hardwood across the lightweight honeycomb panel at railing height to make a solid mounting location. This assembly can also be made using rectangular aluminum tubing, when wood is not appropriate.

Routable Edge Panel

Looking to make a lightweight aluminum panel that has a routable edge? Rigidized® Metals Corporation makes aluminum honeycomb panels with hardwood strips on the entire perimeter of the panel. The hardwood and the honeycomb are laminated at the same time, offering a seamless panel with wood edges. This is especially desirable when making a lightweight ceiling panel, where the edges are exposed and require a routed profile. For a choice of sturdy edges on the perimeter, we offer this panel assembly with hardwood or an aluminum tubing frame.

Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

  • Class A Fire-Rated (ASTM E84)
  • No Minimum Order
  • Ship 1-2 weeks
  • No Extra Packing Charges
  • Cuts On Panel Saw
  • Field Cutting Possible
  • Metric & Custom Sizes Available
Face & Back Skin Combinations
  • 0.032″ x 0.032″ (Standard)
  • 0.032″ x 0.040″ (available upon request)
  • 0.040″ x 0.040″ (available upon request)
Heavy Duty .040″ Backer Available

For heavier-duty applications, or when a thicker backer is required for Z-clip applications, Rigidized® Metals Corporation provides a heavy-duty 0.040″ backer. In addition, CNC routing for cutouts and contours, and metric and custom sizes are also available.

*Indicates panels in stock and ready to ship
Thickness (OAT) InchesPanel Width InchesPanel Length InchesApproximate Weight Per Panel (lbs.)

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