Our stainless steel trim strips and corner moldings are easy to install and help finish off interior projects such as backsplashes and wall cladding systems.

Trim Strips & Corner Mouldings

Trim strips and corner mouldings complete the easy installation of backsplashes and wall cladding systems. They are made from corrosion-resistant 430 stainless steel with a bright annealed finish. They are sold in 4-, 8- and 12-foot pieces and are easily cut on the spot for simple installations with two-sided tape.

Corner Guards and Kick Plates

Rigidized® Metals also offers corner guards and kick plates up to 12′ long, with corner guard wings/sides anywhere from 3/4″ to 12″ wide, in the pattern and material of your choice. Add instant durability and appeal to your busiest areas with these highly effective Rigidized® Metals components. Contact a representative to discuss options.

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