Our acoustic panels utilize perforated deep textured metal to provide visual interest and acoustical performance to interior spaces.

TXTRsound Interior Acoustical Metal Wall & Ceiling Panel Systems

Now Excellent Acoustical Performance Can be Achieved in Metal

The newest addition to our line of TXTRwall Interior Metal Wall Panel Systems is the TXTRsound Interior Acoustical Metal Wall & Ceiling Panel Systems. Like TXTRwall, our TXTRsound systems are customizable, durable, attractive, and capable of maintaining your desired design intent. The systems provide the dual benefit of significant acoustics ratings along with the durability of metal.

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TXTRsound Acoustical panel systems are made up of our textured, perforated metal panel face; acoustical backing; and a variety of easy-to-use attachment systems, depending upon panel design and environment, all of which retain acoustic transparency and make for easy installation. Our panels provide enhanced acoustical performance, along with high durability, while providing an attractive aesthetic and unique appeal. The enhanced look with the texture creates a softer glow and specular reflections, enhancing the visual interest that only metal can deliver.

Our panel system metal faces are made up of:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 2B Finish or #4 Finish
  • 20 gauge (.036″)
  • Perf – .066″ diameter round on .109″ spacing, 60 stagger, with 33.09% open area
  • Recommended patterns for perforated panels: 6WL®, 1NA®, 1RL, 1CS, 2FL
  • Powder coatings available

Custom Looks

Rigidized® Metals offers powder coating and highlighting of perforated metals. Whether colored, powder coated and highlighted, or simply reflecting the light of its surroundings, deep texture gives perforated metal the rich look of fabric on stainless steel.




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Recommended Patterns

Attachment Systems

A Z-clip attachment is ideal for acoustical wall panels. It retains acoustic transparency and does not compromise acoustic performance. The ceiling panel attachment method can be customized and effectively adapted to accommodate most any ceiling condition.

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Rigidized® Metals’ TXTRsound Acoustical Metal Ceiling Panel system was installed in the RSS Design Studio in Buffalo, NY. Check out a time lapse video of this acoustical panel system being installed, here.

Acoustic Testing

Rigidized® Metals has tested the 6WL® and 1RL patterns on perforated stainless steel with both 1/2″ and 1″ deep acoustic insulation.

Test Methods: The following tests were conducted in full accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) method C 423-09a, “Standard Test Method for Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method”.

C 423-09a: The specimen was tested in a Type A mounting, as defined by ASTM Practice E 795-05. Samples were laid directly onto the floor; since these products had finished edges, no additional framing was used.

C 423: The detailed results of the tests, including third octave band absorption data, the Sound Absorption Average (SAA), and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) single number ratings, are presented here. Testing was at 27ºC, 47% relative humidity and 83.0 kPA ambient pressure.

Absorption Coefficient Α(A/m2)
Frequency (Hz)Perforated 6WL®
1/2″ Acoustical Mat
Perforated 1RL
1/2″ Acoustical Mat

Perforated 6WL®
1″ Acoustical Mat
Perforated 1RL
1″ Acoustical Mat


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