Trucks and Utility Vehicles use Rigid-tex® because of its durability, and strength. Rigid-tex® also comes in several different tread plate patterns to choose from.

Rigid-tex® for Trucks and Utility Vehicles

Utility Work Trucks, Tow Tractors, Truck Body, Trailer Bed, and Personnel Carriers

The constant challenge to any truck body manufacturer, these days, is to reduce the overall weight of each unit. While the term “tread plate” often suggests a heavy decking plate, usually 3/16″ or ¼” thick with a solid back, Rigidized® Metals offers Rigid-tex® tread plate patterns with a thickness range of .018″ to .125″ in stainless steel.

All types of metal can be rolled up to 60″ wide. The availability of lighter gauges allows these patterns to be used in decorative, but still functional, areas, such as door liners, toolboxes and covers.

Work Site Rugged

Rigid-tex® galvannealed tread plate RTP® and RSS.3 embossed metal patterns are fast becoming the best choice for work truck and utility vehicle applications including truck beds, trailers, bumpers and toolboxes. Rigid-tex® metals’ superior quality to flat back tread plate can save a manufacturer countless hours of production time while providing cost and weight savings, flatness, durability, and a rust-free, consistent pattern in a choice of alloys. With Rigid-tex®, utility, truck body and trailer manufacturers have a choice in specifying a tread plate product that fits every metal requirement, from any grade of stainless steel, to any aluminum alloy and zinc-coated metal (galvanized or galvannealed carbon steel).

Trucks & Utility


Rigidized® Metals’ brand of Rigid-tex® tread plate patterns give the engineer and designer choices on their next work truck application. Compared to traditional flat back tread plate, Rigid-tex® metals reduce weight without jeopardizing strength. Our product is flatter, has a consistent pattern and can be manufactured in any alloy including stainless, galvannealed, cold rolled and hot rolled carbon. Specify Rigid-tex® tread plate on your next work truck for long lasting life.

Please note that on Rigidized® Metals’ STP pattern meets the NFPA-1901 spec, and under the following conditions:

304 Stainless Steel, BA finish, .060” thick

304 Stainless Steel, #4 finish, .075” thick

304 Stainless Steel, 2B finish, .105” thick

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Light Weight Tread Plate

The table below compares weight reduction in our hollow lug compared to flat back lug.
GaugeCarbon, Stainless Steel


Rigidized® Tread Plate (lbs./sq.ft.)

Galv. G-90


Rigidized® Tread Plate (lbs./sq.ft.)

Galv. A-40, A-60


Rigidized® Tread Plate (lbs./sq.ft.)

Carbon Medium


Flatback Tread Plate (lbs./sq.ft.)

Carbon Large


Flatback Tread Plate (lbs./sq.ft.)

Stainless Steel


Flatback Tread Plate (lbs./sq.ft.)

ThicknessRigidized® AluminumAluminum Tread Plate

Classic Tread Plate Patterns

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