Our engineered metal surfaces come in a variety of different aesthetic options that can be used in interior and exterior applications. Read about the design benefits of Rigidized® Metals products, here.


Rigidized® Metals’ engineered surfaces create a lasting beauty to both interior and exterior designs. The surfaces created by deep- and micro-texturing offer a richer, more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Stainless steel reflects the light conditions and colors of the surrounding environment, with both natural and artificial lighting effects. With the addition of texture, the effect is even more dramatic. Deep textured metals will change in appearance throughout the course of the day, naturally, based on the sun’s movement throughout the sky. The deep textured steel “facets” also reflect point light sources, making them excellent choices for LED and special lighting effects.

Light Studies

A series of Rigidized® Metals’ deep-textured patterns were photographed in both cloudless and cloudy conditions, facing the north, south, east and west, throughout the course of the day.

Below are complete light studies done of each individual pattern in the above mentioned conditions.

Texture in Light – Time Lapse

Here are two time-lapsed videos of the entire panel system, consisting of 15 individual deep textures, photographed hourly from 8:00AM to 5:00PM on a sunny day in October, as well as on a cloudy day in December, in Buffalo, NY. The system was photographed facing north, south, east and west.

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