Our interior architectural applications include metal panel systems, wall cladding, acoustic panels, column covers, and more.

Rigidized® Metals’ Interior Applications

Rigidized® Metals provides engineered metal surfaces for several interior applications, creating a richer, more vibrant and aesthetically pleasing environment. From wall cladding and panel systems, to material for column covers, restroom partitions and elevator partitions, to desk and counter fronts, trim, hand rails and kick plates, the possibilities are endless.

Rigidized® Metals’ engineered surfaces create a lasting beauty to your interior design. Our products offer significantly more durable, longer lasting surfaces, that can endure abuse, vandalism and wear and tear much longer than ordinary metal surfaces, and are available in a variety of alloys, finishes and color options. These benefits make Rigidized® Metals a leading choice for high traffic areas.

Transportation Hubs & Public Spaces

Public spaces, from universities to transportation hubs to public community centers, can host thousands of people and vehicles every day. Rigidized® Metals has beautiful and durable solutions for the most populated areas, as well as aesthetically pleasing additions, to enhance the look and feel of these high traffic buildings.

Rigidized® Metals’ engineered surfaces offer richer, significantly more durable, longer lasting surfaces, which are crucial in these high traffic public spaces. We provide materials for column covers, wainscoting, wall panels and cladding, acoustics, security, gate and check-in counters, luggage racks, signage and back-of-house cost-effective durability. Not only that, we have solutions for dining and concessions, elevator cabs, restroom partitions and hand rails.


Every day, millions of people pass through public facilities. Rigidized® Metals has a proud heritage in making sure these spaces look great for every visitor, year after year, with durable and beautiful surfaces. Rigidized® Metals’ engineered surfaces offer richer, significantly more durable, longer lasting surfaces, which are crucial in high traffic areas such as airports, train and bus stations, and other commercial buildings.

Rigidized® Metals products are a unique way to draw attention to any surface. The textured metal is available in a variety of materials and colors for column covers, check-in counters, walls and surfaces found in retail, dining and restrooms, making any area attractive and inviting. The deep texture stands up to everyday traffic and abuse, ensuring that surfaces maintain a fresh, one-of-a-kind look.


Column covers, walls and surfaces are subjected to the most wear and tear. With bumps from baggage and bags, they are often in the center of traffic. Our engineered metal surfaces provide both the performance and beauty needed for these very visible areas. Our deep textures are designed to withstand abuse, vandalism and wear and tear with life-cycle costing benefits and reduced maintenance costs. The durability of the texture makes these necessary interior components look newer, longer.

Places generally not seen by the public usually require special attention because of the rough use they receive. Our deep textured panels can be used in these applications as wainscoting, putting the protection where it is needed and saving the cost of full wall panel coverings. Additionally, our engineered metal surfaces in thicknesses of up to 1/8″ can provide both secure and good looking barriers. Deep textured metal, combined with textured perforated metal, can create both bold and secure designs.


Finding places to incorporate acoustical and noise control surfaces is difficult. Our deep textured materials can be perforated for acoustical transparency allowing for the placement of a wide variety of acoustical materials to be both hidden and protected behind a durable and attractive deep textured metal surface. As with any public space, noise control is an important component when designing a facility. Rigidized® Metals’ acoustical panel systems are durable, attractive and functional. The combination of deep textured perforated metal with an acoustical backing allows you to meet the demands of acoustics while enhancing visual interest.

Commercial Dining

If you’re looking for a modern feel, Rigidized® Metals offers engineered surfaces in stainless steel, brass and copper for bar tops and fronts, paneling, and serving stations. Whether you’re looking for a hygienic, anti-bacterial surface for food preparation, an aesthetically appealing accent piece, sound absorbing acoustical paneling, or a durable surface that can withstand abuse and high traffic, Rigidized® Metals can provide a durable, resilient solution. Stainless steel blends well with most any decor, and it provides a heat resistant, anti-bacterial surface that requires minimal maintenance.

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Rigidized® Metals offers richer, more attractive, and significantly more durable, longer lasting products that are easily installed, and can be designed and fabricated to your exact specifications. The aesthetics of our products create a positive impression in an otherwise potentially hectic environment, while also withstanding the abuse of high traffic. Visit any of our product pages, below, to build a complete solution for your next commercial interiors project.

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