Rigidized Metals Corporation® produces numerous engineered metal surface products including deep textures, Contrarian Micro Textures, Vipertex® enhanced heat transfer surfaces and tubes, Rigi-Grip®, TXTRwall Interior Panels and more. Find the right product for your project today.

Products & Offerings

Rigidized® Metals produces numerous engineered metal surfaces in any alloy. From our entire line of over 25 unique deep-textured patterns and Contrarian Micro Textures, to enhanced heat-transfer tubes and Rigi-Grip® tubing and hand rails, you are guaranteed to find the right product for your project.

In addition to our base products, we can also create custom solutions and finished products, including our TXTRwall Interior Panel System, Acoustical panel systems, security screens and any custom fabricated product designed to meet your specifications.

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