Our textured metals are used in a variety of marine applications such as decking, stairs, handrails, ceiling panels, and more.

Decking & Flooring

In addition to the family of Rigidized® Metals textures, our hollow-back treadplate is available in stainless steel (ASTM-A793 Pattern C) for use in panels and on decking, steps and engine room floors.

  • RTP® Pattern Available Up To 1/8″ x 60″ x 144″
  • RSS Pattern Available Up To 1/8″ x 60″ x 144″
  • STP Pattern (Non-Slip) Available Up To .105″ x 48″ x 144″

Our unique process of creating “hollow-back” tread plate lugs allows us to start and finish with a cleaner product that is also 16%-18% lighter than conventional flat-back tread plate. This means you start with less material resources, and in transportation applications, this weight reduction saves energy in everyday use.

Rigidized® Metals will fabricate and supply durable floor panels using tread plate surfaces on honeycomb construction. Engineered panels calling for heavier panel skins and thicker honeycomb will answer most requirements.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain, and the texture diffuses light, reducing glare, and provides slip resistance, making areas safer, overall. A clean tread plate requires less preparation for finishing and can help achieve a better, longer lasting finish, keeping the components in sustainable service longer.

Our tread plate patterns are available in 2B, #4 and #8 finishes.


Rigidized® Metals’ textured Rigi-Grip® tubing, using our Trim-Tex materials, can be used for railings, grab bars, transportation holds and ADA-compliant gripping rails. The texture in the material allows for better grip-ability, limiting and preventing accidental injury.

Visit our Rigi-Grip® page for more information and for grip comparison data.

Visit our Trim-Tex page for more information on patterns available.

Commercial Dining

Rigidized® Metals provides wall cladding and paneling for commercial dining areas in deep textured stainless steel, brass and copper. Our products can also be used on bar tops and fronts, sound absorbing acoustical paneling and serving stations.

Rigidized® Metals’ materials, used in dining applications, offer heat resistant, hygienic, anti-bacterial and durable surfaces that can withstand abuse and high traffic and require minimal maintenance.

Bulkheads, Furniture & Cladding

Rigidized® Metals’ textured metals protect high-traffic surfaces from abuse and hide scratches on furniture, counters and walls. Decorative surfaces can be applied to lightweight honeycomb panels to add color and style. Tables, bunk beds or desks may be supplied as full panels or cut to designer shapes.

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