Rigidized® Metals’ engineered metal surfaces are the ideal solution for light commercial and residential roofing, exterior metal wall panels and gutter systems.

InvariMatte® on Demand

Quick delivery for coils, sheets and installable roofing, wall & gutter systems.

Projects of Any Size

InvariMatte® is specifically engineered for exterior cladding; the perfect choice for a beautiful, durable, energy saving and naturally-cleaning roof that is great for the environment and easy to work with. It has been used on major projects, including the Hamad International Airport, the largest stainless steel roof in the world, and major exterior facade projects like Via 57 West in New York. It is available for projects of any size in the form of flat sheets and coils as well as installable systems for quick delivery to your jobsite.

Perfect for designs ranging from modern to historic renovations, InvariMatte® truly is metal made better.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper & Titanium

Stainless Steel

To ensure best performance, only T316 InvariMatte® (marine grade) is stocked by our roofing product distributors.

InvariMatte® stainless steel is:

  • A naturally-cleaning, hydrophobic surface that requires NO COATING
  • Corrosion resistant, (severe environments will require duplex alloy)
  • Damage resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Very efficient reflector of solar energy, reducing insulation requirements
  • Several additional sustainability features.

More information on all of these benefits can be found, here.

With minimal maintenance, InvariMatte® stainless steel will last as long as the building stands.

Easy to Work With

  • American-made; sheets & coils are sold through a distributor network for quick delivery
  • Type 316 InvariMatte® stainless steel is stocked for quick delivery of coils, sheets, roofing and wall panels in .018” (26 ga.) and .024” (24 ga.). The production thickness range for InvariMatte® stainless steel is .012” – .1874”.
  • Widths up to 48” allow efficient material utilization and design flexibility
  • Formed and installed with the same ease as terne-coated stainless steel
  • Soldered or welded in the as shipped condition
  • Roofers report that InvariMatte® is easier to solder than terne- coated stainless
  • Field paintable to assure historical accuracy. Calbar and Pruett- Schaeffer (available through Marjo) have paint systems suited for InvariMatte®
  • Gutter systems readily available in the InvariMatte® finish
  • Simpler to install than zinc, since the unique detail requirements to prevent back-side corrosion and panel sagging are not necessary with stainless steel
  • Shipped with vinyl film to protect the surface from scratches and contamination during fabrication and installation, which makes clean-up as simple as peeling the vinyl when the work is done
  • Experienced, knowledgeable product support

InvariMatte® Stainless Steel Roofs data sheet

InvariMatte® Stainless Steel product data sheet

InvariMatte® Stainless Steel guide specification


The highly engineered surface texture of InvariMatte® is now available in anodized aluminum, which can make a great deal of sense for many roofing wall and gutter projects.

  • Sophisticated appearance
  • Lower cost and lighter weight
  • Coil anodizing promotes uniformity
  • Colors are available on request!

InvariMatte® Aluminum coils, sheets, roofing and wall panels are readily available in .032” thickness in H34 temper.

InvariMatte® Aluminum guide specification


You can avoid that ugly duckling phase of freshly installed copper as it develops its natural patina. The InvariMatte® texture starts with the uniform low glare surface pattern that substantially increases surface area per square foot. The copper will not be shiny upon installation and will develop its patina more rapidly from a visual standpoint because of that increase in surface area.

InvariMatte® Copper coils, sheets, roofing and wall panels are readily available in .0216” (16 OZ) thickness in H01 temper.

InvariMatte® Copper guide specifications


InvariMatte® Titanium has the same benefits as it’s a stainless steel a counterpart, while offering its warmer gray appearance and superior corrosion resistance:

  • Uniform low glare finish
  • Does not patina
  • Naturally cleaning hydrophobic surface
  • Damage resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Saves energy

InvariMatte® Titanium coils, sheets, roofing and wall panels are available in .018” thickness.

InvariMatte® Titanium product data sheet

InvariMatte® Titanium guide specification

Roofing Metals Comparison Chart

Roofing Metals Comparison Chart
InvariMatte®ZincLead-Coated CopperBare CopperPainted AluminumPainted GalvanizedBare AluminumBare Galvanized
Fire Resistance to 1500 Degrees FYESNOYESYESNOYESNOYES
Stable Panels .015″ ThickYESNONONONOYESNOYES

Coils & Sheets

Stock material supports quick delivery of InvariMatte®. You may order these materials to be fabricated into roofing and wall panels locally.  Perhaps you just need some sheet stock for flashings to accompany an InvariMatte® roofing or wall panel system.

Roofing Panel Systems

An installable roofing panel system can be packaged and shipped to meet the specific requirements of your project; all made from InvariMatte® Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper or Titanium. Standing seam as well as flat seam configurations are available. See our data sheet for more information.

Exterior Metal Wall Panel Systems

An installable exterior wall panel system can be packaged and shipped to meet the specific requirements of your project; all made from InvariMatte® Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper or Titanium.  Standing seam as well as flat seam configurations are available. See our data sheet for more information.

Gutter and Downspout Systems

An installable gutter and downspout system can be packaged and shipped to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Regardless of what materials are on your roof, an InvariMatte® Stainless Steel gutter system is unbeatable for durability and performance. Even if you don’t plan to match an InvariMatte® roof or wall system, the low glare neutral gray stainless steel surface blends into any design.

Of course, InvariMatte® gutters and downspouts can also be made in aluminum, copper and titanium where it makes sense to do so. A Rigidized® Metals representative can help with selection. See our data sheet for more information.

Smooth Box Gutter System

We can readily supply gutter sections (10-20’), stamped hidden hangers, end caps, brackets, and gutter expansion joints as required. Our standard gutter support brackets are made of stainless steel and wrapped on all four (4) sides with exposed gutter material, with one longitudinal seam that is not visible after installation.

K-Style Gutter System

Gutters, stamped hidden hangers, end caps and gutter expansion joints are available.

Half Round Gutter System

We will fabricate, pack and ship gutter sections (10’), brackets, inside miters, outside miters and end caps to meet your specific requirement. Gutter brackets are made from .1875” x 1.0” galvanized or stainless steel bar wrapped in gutter material and having nested gutter bead tab made from gutter material.

Round Downspout System (8″ shown)

Coordinating with the half round gutter system, we will produce and ship offsets, elbows, straps and outlets as required.

Smooth Box Downspout System

Downspouts, offsets, elbow straps, outlets, downspout transitions & collector heads are fabricated, packed & shipped to you.

Other Options

InvariMatte® metal materials (stainless steel, aluminum, copper and titanium) are available in DuoTex® patterns with attractive dent resistant embossed textures applied to the InvariMatte® surface. A Rigidized® Metals representative can work with you to find the best solution for your project!

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