Rigidized® Metals Provides a Unique Design Connection at Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport

Rigidized® Metals’ InvariMatte® Walnut was used in several areas throughout the Nashville International Airport. At the check in counters, our 1RL pattern on the InvariMatte® Walnut provides deep texture durability on the long lasting, safely-colored InvariMatte® Walnut finish. Throughout the terminals, the InvariMatte® Walnut is used in a neutral frame above all retail and waiting areas.

The use of the InvariMatte® Walnut in multiple areas, and in multiple forms (both with deep texture added and without), creates a connection between where travelers first enter the airport, straight through to the gates, keeping the look top-of-mind, and maintaining a design element that was key to the designers.

“For the ticket counters, we selected the 1RL in the walnut because this was a higher traffic area prone to damage and, not only is the pattern aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also functional, thus, using a product that will still look great, even if it is slightly scratched,” says Brent Otsuka, NCIDQ, Interior Designer/Associate with Fentress Architects. “We’re thrilled that the 1RL could be in the walnut because this will be the first exposure to this metal as a traveler. So, once through security, you’ll then see the neutral frames and make that connection back to the ticket counters, as a wholistic design element.”

See a video testimonial from Brent at Fentress Architects on his experience with Rigidized® Metals, below.

Neutral Frame Mockup

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