Rigidized Metals partnered with University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning to design and create an enclosure of perforated stainless steel.

Project 3xLP

Rigidized® Metals collaborated with the University at Buffalo’s Department of Architecture professors Christopher Romano and Nicholas Bruscia, and students Daniel Vrana and Philip Gusmano, to create a prototype as a continuation of Project 2XmT, which looked primarily at the relationship between structure and appearance through a performative analysis of textured stainless steel. Where 2XmT was about structure and specular reflection, project 3xLP builds in more visual porosity and preliminary details toward incorporating glazing and enclosure.

Comprised of Rigidized® Metals perforated stainless steel patterns 4LB and 1RL, this structure won TEX-FAB’s 2013 international digital fabrication “SKIN” competition.