Hydrophobic surfaces provide faster process flow, better drainage, and easier cleaning.

Rigid-Tex® InvariTone

Rigid-Tex® InvariTone is an uncoated, hydrophobic stainless steel surface micro texture that repels water and is much easier to clean than standard stainless steel surfaces. It is a proven engineered metal surface technology utilized in a wide variety of applications around the globe.

Rigidized® Metals provides a variety of hydrophobic stainless steel micro textures that allow easy cleanability for countless applications. Learn more, here.

A Visual Comparison

These images show a water droplet contact angle comparison between a smooth surface (#4 stainless steel, left) and a micro textured hydrophobic surface (Rigid-tex® InvariTone, right). In contrast to conventional stainless steel surfaces, a hydrophobic surface repels water. The micro textured surface is preventing the water droplet from fully wetting the surface, making it easier to clean.

Wet or dry, let Rigidized® Metals assist you with engineered surfaces that are best suited for your application.

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