Rigidized® Metals’ social sustainability practices prioritize health, safety, ethics and community involvement.

Social Sustainability

Rigidized® Metals products are a great marriage of beauty and utility. Textured stainless steel is playing an important role in sustainable design and alternative energy evolution. Ultimately, the most environmentally friendly materials are corrosion-resistant and durable, have high recycled content and recapture rates, provide long service life and reduce resource use. Rigidized® Metals engineered surfaces provide all of these benefits. If the correct alloy is selected and properly maintained, it will last the life of the project.

Clean Health Rating

Rigidized® Metals products are a sustainable choice for interior building surface applications because, through proper metal material selection, they produce no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and do not require a surface coating that can deteriorate to possibly pollute the environment. This makes them ideal for buildings where control of the interior air quality is critical and where low air VOC levels are desired. It also offers excellent cleanability; cleaning stainless steel requires no environmentally hazardous or dangerous chemicals. A study by EUROFER concluded that stainless steels themselves do not cause adverse effects on health and so do not need to be classified as hazardous to health.*

Metal surfaces can also perform hygienic functions by being extraordinarily cleanable, or even perform an anti-microbial function, as is the case with copper. Further, biocide runoff can be avoided.

*Source: “Manufacture, Processing, and Use of Stainless Steel: A Review of the Health Effects” Published in January 1999 by the EUROFER (European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries)


Metal products can contribute to a safer environment, providing stronger, more stable parts.  Proper metal selection can provide the benefit of zero toxic emissions in the event of a fire. Stainless steel surfaces, particularly those with a faceted micro surface, mitigate the heat island effect providing cooler urban environments during periods of elevated temperature and sunshine.

Ethical Conduct

Rigidized® Metals is a third generation family-owned business. At Rigidized® Metals, it is believed that everyone is family, and is treated as such. We hold each other up, and we hold each other accountable. We believe in justice and equality. We give respect and encouragement to everyone we encounter. When you communicate with a member of the Rigidized® Metals family, you will be celebrated as one of us, with equality and respect.

Community Outreach

Today, Rigidized® Metals proudly supports several local community organizations, including Western New York Land Conservancy and the Western New York Sustainable Business Roundtable, as well as educational programs and local artists. By supporting neighboring businesses, individuals and organizations, we are extending our familial ties and boosting our local economy. Be it financially, resourcefully or personally, we can all succeed by lifting each other up and working together to make an impact in our community.

In addition to local support, our collaboration efforts are constantly evolving. By collaborating with universities and artists, the possibilities of our products with their ever evolving ideas is endless, with innovative product and project ideas originating right here in our own back yard.

On an individual level, Rigidized® Metals employees engage in local volunteering initiatives. From food and clothing drives, area cleanups, volunteering at local events and activities, we, representing Rigidized® Metals, are ensuring our community is safe, clean and well taken care of.

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