Public Transportation

Rigid-tex® is Proven on Bus and Rail Systems Internationally.

Rigidized® Metals Corporation originated deep-textured, design strengthened metals as early as 1940. But the principle is still new. Unlike coining, which weakens metal, and corrugating, which adds strength only in a single direction, while also increasing weight per square foot, the Rigid-tex® process redistributes the metal in the course of patterning. It thus adds strength in all directions, increases rigidity and at the same time reduces weight-to-strength ratio.

Though the Rigid-tex® concept remains novel, Rigid-tex® itself is proven in the many years of use on transit systems internationally. They include rail rapid transit, such as CTA(Chicago), Bart ( San Francisco), SEPTA (Philadelphia), MBTA (Boston), and MTA (New York); buses, railroads, trolleys, aircraft, escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks and transit terminals in cities of all sizes.

Despite years of daily use by millions and millions of riders, the Rigid-tex® installations on all of these transit systems continue to look new.

Rigid-tex® metals offer superior performance in mass transit systems because of the following design features and benefits:

Rigid-tex® engineered metal surfaces are highly sought after for use in bus and rail interiors for their pleasing aesthetics. Used for modesty panels, seat backs and high traffic areas, the engineered surface softens glare and hides the appearance of dents, dings, and scratches. The durability of Rigidized® Metals Corporation's engineered surfaces offers significant maintenance cost savings. Recommended patterns include 2WL®, 3ND, 5WL®, and 60LTH.

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Recommended Patterns
Stainless Steel Thickness: 0.018"-0.036"
Other Metal Thickness: 0.008"-0.032"
Stainless Steel Thickness: 0.018"-0.036"
Other Metal Thickness: 0.024"-0.040"
Stainless Steel Thickness: 0.018"-0.075"
Other Metal Thickness: 0.008"-0.075"
Stainless Steel Thickness: 0.018"-0.075"
Other Metal Thickness: 0.010"-0.090"

Panel Cores

Rigidized® Metals Corporation offers an array of modesty panels for several different types of transportation applications. Panel cores enhance physical and acoustic properties of the panels. Panels can be faced in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and steel in thicknesses of .016"-.090". Mechanical finishes include mill, polished, embossed and Rigidized® Metals¬†engineered surfaces. Powder coated and colored stainless steel are also available. Panel thickness can be from 1/4" to 2" with the length and width limited to the panel face material (stainless steel 60"x144"). We can supply a premium fire rated MDFB or an aluminum honeycomb core laminated with an FR adhesive. For information on specifying a Rigidized® Metals textured panel system, click here.

MDF Core

Honeycomb Core

Bonded Hat Channel