Solving Space Constraints

The highly efficient heat transfer, made possible by Vipertex® enhanced surfaces, allows for more compact heat exchanger designs where space is constrained, such as a retrofit scenario or transportation applications like automotive, aircraft or marine.

Vipertex® can make the following possible:

A recent analysis was performed to evaluate the performance of a Liquid/Liquid Horizontal TEMA BEM heat exchanger that required 1003 smooth wall, 5/8 in OD Titanium tubes in a 32 inch shell. Ratings using the HTRI®’s Xchanger Suite software yielded an overdesign of 11.99%. Producing the same duty and utilizing 532 Vipertex® 1EHT tubes with a 21 inch shell yielded an overdesign of 10.75. This solution produced the same duty while providing a substantial saving in both material and space.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing installation or building new, let us help you determine the economic value of using Vipertex®. To begin a conversation with the Vipertex® team, click here.