Vipertex® enhanced surfaces are rolled in coil form, promoting repeatability, volume production and cost efficiency. These surfaces can then be transformed into tube or used in a flat configuration to incorporate into heat exchanger designs with greater flexibility and scalability, helping you optimize a solution for your project.

Vipertex® Applications - Refrigeration, Food & Beverage

Consideration should be given to Vipertex® tubing to help refrigerators operate more efficiently and to provide enhanced beverage tubing, for example.

Potential benefits of Vipertex® in refrigeration applications include:

  • More efficient refrigeration units
  • A variety of low fin enhanced heat transfer surfaces can be made available for small tube applications
  • Less charging fluid required
  • Smaller refrigeration coils that can increase refrigerator storage capacity of the same sized cabinet
  • Beverage tubing that will deliver cool drinks faster than is possible with smooth tubes
  • Smaller units that cost less to manufacture
  • Reduced operating costs

Download the Vipertex® Enhanced Surfaces for refrigeration, food & beverage applications sheet, here.

Vipertex® stainless steel tubes are 3A certified, making them readily adapted to sanitary applications.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing installation or building new, let us help you determine the economic value of using Vipertex®. To begin the conversation with the Vipertex® team to optimize a solution for your application, click here.