Can Your Roof Go the Distance? 

Great for the environment and easy to work with, InvariMatte® stainless steel is the perfect choice for beautiful, durable, energy-saving roofs.

InvariMatte® has a low glare texture which is easy on the eyes, even in direct sunlight, which makes it ideal for roofing applications. While it does have a muted appearance, there is just enough reflection going on to take on the colors of the environment around it. Looking bluish gray on a blue sky day, it takes on warm tones at sunset. InvariMatte® retains its original beauty over time without developing a patina. Its unique finish, which involves no coatings, is rolled directly into the surface of the metal. This process not only controls finish variability more closely than any other surface treatment available on bare metal, it also results in a visual effect that is extraordinary. The low gloss InvariMatte® finish is ideal for roofing applications, wall panels, coping and trim. Perfect for designs ranging from modern to historic renovations, its enduring beauty truly goes the distance.
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