OPEN CALL +FARM 2014 August Studio at the Silos in Buffalo, NY 

+FARM is excited to announce our 2014 August Studio at the Silos in Buffalo, NY working directly with Rigidized Metals Corporation and the Rigidized Fab-Team to design, fabricate, and construct a multi-level Culture Shelter. Buffalo, NY features an unparalleled cluster of concrete grain silos, the exact collection Reyner Banham described in “Concrete Atlantis”, and studio participants are invited to construct the first permanent installation on site since the site was abandoned in the 1970s. The silos stand at the convergence of design, engineering, and material practice, and are becoming the cultural identity of the city. Studio participants will work directly onsite collaborating in an iterative design process that explores a tactical tectonic logic that will result in constructing a multi-programmable shelter. Ten applicants selected from an open call will work directly with professional craftsmen, fabricators, architects, digital specialists, educators, and Rigidized Metals Fab-Team exposing the participants to emerging design, computation, fabrication, material and construction practices in the field of architecture. In this pioneering summer studio at the Buffalo Silos, the focus is on synthesizing experimental design tactics of spatial, structural, and material ordering integrated through material and fabrication technologies. Potentially providing the foundations for a new architectural language across the site, the Culture Shelter has broad implications for the future of the Silos.Open Call

During this 10-day studio, participants will live in downtown Buffalo while taking part in a fast-paced hands-on collaborative process. Participants will engage in all aspects of the project realization including iterative design sessions, focused discussions, full-scale prototypes, group presentations (to the Owner of Silo City) and technical investigations into a final built project. Prototypes and final components will be built and evaluated with material experts from Rigidized Metals. The studio will conclude with participants presenting the completed pavilion to the Rigidized Metals for a public ribbon cutting and celebration.

The Silos are a 16 acre industrial, nature, waterfront site in downtown Buffalo used by various user groups across the arts/design/creative communities. The Culture Shelter must consider this highly collaborative relationship to navigate the emerging cultural paradigm to engender a new architectural practice. Considering the uniqueness of the site, and the project, +FARM is excited to participate and explore the potential for a cultural transformation.

+FARM brings together a wide range of professionals to work directly with the participants during the studio. The studio will progress from introductory to more advanced working sessions with technical content to address issues of: materiality, interiority, component types, and self-structuring architecture. A broad array of analog and digital tools from cnc turret press, pneumatically powered shears, tab/bolt connecting, sketching, solidworks, rhinoceros and grasshopper will be employed and available to the studio participants.
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