Specialty Metals of Unsurpassed Finish Quality, Shape & Performance

Rigidized® Metals Corporation offers all standard mill produced finishes for both textured and non-textured distribution, as well as specialty polished and embossed finishes. Contrarian Micro Textures features a complete line of architectural micro textured metal products offering significantly less product variability than other commonly available materials. While there is variability in any manufactured product – even painted material – our decorative metal sheets consistently provide the highest degree of consistency, and outperform other metals in finish quality, shape and performance. Because most of our metals are manufactured in the United States, lead times are shortened, technical communication is better, and geographic LEED® points can be earned.

There are a variety of decorative architectural sheet metal finishes and textures available – from our architectural version of the popular #4 polish stainless steel to more exotic decorative finishes including matte micro textured stainless steel, textured titanium and colorized and mirror-finished stainless steel. Our representatives can help you determine what architectural metal finish option(s) will best suit your needs.

On several finishes and micro textures, we also offer Fine Guard 3 (FG3), an anti-fingerprint coating available on several stainless steel finishes, including InvariBlend® (hairline) and InvariWisp (vibration), as well as on some colorized finishes. For more information or how to clean it, click here or visit our Cleaning Stainless Steel Finishes page.

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#4 Satin
Number 4 finish stainless steel, commonly referred to as "satin" finish, is a general-purpose bright polish that is the most popular choice for architectural applications.

InvariBlend® (Hairline)
InvariBlend® textured stainless is a two-step, abrasive polished finish with a linear appearance, designed for use in architectural applications.

2B Mill
2B or "Mill" finish stainlses steel is a dull, low-reflective finish with no grain or direction. 2B finish is not commonly used as an architectural quality surface.

InvariWisp (RND - Non-Directional Vibration)
InvariWisp is a multi-directional finish, similar to what is often called a vibration finish, with random, multi-directional grit lines.

B/A - Bright Annealed
Bright Annealed stainless steel has a "cloudy mirror" relfective surface.

Random Swirl
Random Swirl is polished by hand and, as the name suggests, is completely random. No two sheets are the same.

#8 Mirror
#8 polish, or mirror finish, is polished to a mirror quality with subtle grit lines visible.

Micro Textures

InvariMatte® (Dull Bead Blast)
A Matte micro texture is a non-directional, low gloss, uniformly textured and self-cleaning finish with a dull bead blast appearance, designed for use in architectural applications. InvariMatte® is available in stainless steel and titanium.

InvariTone (Moderate-Tone Bead Blast)
A Tone micro texture provides a self-cleaning, non-directional, moderate gloss, medium, uniformly textured stainless steel finish designed for use in architectural applications.

InvariLux® (Bright Bead Blast)
A Lux micro texture is a non-directional, reflective, uniformly textured, self-cleaning stainless steel finish with a bright bead blast appearance designed for use in architectural applications.

The InvariGrain micro texture is a rolled-in grit line finish, similar to conventional #4 stainless, with superb overall consistency, designed for architectural applications. InvariGrain is available in both stainless steel and titanium.

InvariBold (Titanium only)
The InvariBold micro texture is a directional, linear ribbed titanium finish with moderate reflectivity, lending itself to a variety of applications.

InvariSuede (Titanium only)
The InvariSuede micro texture is a moderately low gloss textured finish that is designed for use in architectural applications. Since InvariSuede has a dirt-resistant surface with no coatings to deteriorate, it wil last indefinitely with little maintenance.

InvariMatte® Walnut
The InvariMatte® Walnut micro texture is a directional, uniformly textured stainless steel finish with dull bead blast appearance and a thin brownish-black chromium oxide film designed for use in architectural applications. This finish retains the corrosion resistance of the underlying ATI 2003 alloy.