Vipertex® tubes and sheets are produced by a rolling process, which promotes surface condition repeatability, supporting steady-state conditions as these materials are fabricated and installed. These surfaces are readily fabricated.

Joinery Methods

Vipertex® enhanced surfaces are produced in a variety of alloy systems, which individually lend themselves to processes such as welding, brazing, soldering, etc. While we will not go into detail about the merits of each of these hot processes in various metals, be assured that Vipertex® patterns are embossed into the parent metal and conform to your expectations regarding the alloy from which a particular Vipertex® product is made.

Vipertex® tubes are produced from pre-textured strip and will have enhanced pattern from end to end. In our experience, most heat exchanger operations are able to overcome ends with these surface patterns with procedures conducted in-house. For cases where this is not readily solved in the customer's shop, we are able to condition the ends to remove the textured pattern for ready introduction to the customer's operation at added cost.

Fabrication Benefits