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The Vipertex® Vipertube® line is a family of tubes utilizing the advantages of Vipertex® enhanced surfaces. Produced to ASTM A1098 specification, Vipertube® is manufactured for the highest level of quality in high-pressured tubing. Since every application is different, Vipertube® can be customized to meet your needs – including a variety of materials, alloys and sizes, electro-polishing, bending, and coiling capabilities.

Vipertube® outperforms, and provides significant advantages over, standard smooth tubes. When you need to enhance the heat transfer performance of your process application, there's one name you need to specify: Vipertex® Vipertube®. A revolutionary metal surface technology, Vipertex® features a patented enhancement process that dramatically improves heat transfer performance.

Vipertex® Enhanced Heat Transfer Tubes

Enhancement of heat transfer using the Vipertex® Vipertube® line is produced from a combination of secondary flow generation, increased turbulence, boundary layer disruption, increased heat transfer surface area and an increased number of nucleation sites; all leading to an enhanced heat transfer performance for a wide range of conditions.

Under many conditions, the Vipertex® Vipertube® line can recover more energy and provide the opportunity to advance the design of many heat transfer products. Enhanced heat transfer tubes are widely used in order to reduce operating cost and create a smaller installation footprint.

The Vipertex® line includes:

Twisted Tape
Finned Tubes

Available Materials & Alloys

The Vipertex® Vipertube® line is available in the following materials and alloys, shown in the table, below.

Combining any of these materials with a Vipertex® enhanced surface pattern, which is then welded into a tube, will help you optimize the performance of your heat exchanger design.

Vipertex® Vipertube® products, in stainless steel and titanium, are available through New World Stainless, Inc.

Material Description Configuration Enhanced Surface Options Alloys Size Range Certifications
Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel is the most popular choice for most industrial applications and those requiring the handling of food products or other applications where sanitary conditions need to be maintained. Welded 1EHT, 2EHT, 3EHT, 4EHT, HB/EHT 304(L), 316(L), Other Austenitics: Duplex and Ferritic Alloys 0.375" - 1.5" (9.5mm - 38mm) OD ASTM 1098, ASME Code Case
Copper has excellent thermal transfer properties inherent to the metal and can stand up to a number of corrosive applications. Welded 1EHT, 2EHT, 3EHT, 4EHT, HB/EHT C122 and others 0.375" - 1.5" (9.5mm - 38mm) OD In development

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Titanium is ideal for a number of applications where corrosive agents are involved and temperatures can be elevated. It is well suited for high chloride applications. Welded 1EHT, 2EHT, 3EHT, 4EHT, HB/EHT Grade 1, Grade 2 0.375" - 1.5" (9.5mm - 38mm) OD
Carbon Steel
Carbon steel provides strength and is low-cost with good thermal transfer properties inherent in the metal. It has limited application with corrosive agents. Welded 1EHT, 2EHT, 3EHT, 4EHT, HB/EHT 1008/1010 and others 0.375" - 1.5" (9.5mm - 38mm) OD ASME Code Case in development
Aluminum provides inherently good thermal transfer and reasonably good corrosion resistance in heat exchanger applications. Alloy 3003 provides excellent overall utility. Slightly better corrosion protection is obtained with 5052. Welded 1EHT, 2EHT, 3EHT, 4EHT, HB/EHT 3003, 5052 and others 0.375" - 1.5" (9.5mm - 38mm) OD

Other alloys available through special orders.

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