Contacting Us

Factory and Main Offices   Telephone (toll free) General Inquiries   800-836-2580
  General Inquiries   716-849-4760
  Fax   716-849-0401
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  Mailing & Manufacturing Address   658 Ohio Street, Buffalo, NY 14203
  Business Hours   8:00am to 5:00pm EST
  Accounting   716-849-4777
  Shipping/ Receiving   716-849-4784
  Human Resources/ Resumes   [email protected]
  Website Comments   716-849-4766

Sales and Technical Support

Architectural and Furniture   Kevin Porteus   [email protected]
Dave Miske 716-849-4703 [email protected]
Cindy Sawyer   [email protected]
Contrarian Micro Textures   James W. Halliday, Jr. 724-816-8910 [email protected]
Jim Halliday III 724-612-6869 [email protected]
Elevators, Partitions, Marine, Appliances, Walk In Coolers   Dick Friedman   [email protected]
Brian Whalen 716-849-4707 [email protected]
Truck Bodies, Trailers, Aircraft, Transit and Industrial/Food Processing Components   Chris Russ   [email protected]
Susanne Pohle 716-849-4702 [email protected]
James W. Halliday, Jr. 724-816-8910 [email protected]