Colored Stainless Steel

Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Light Interference Coloring (LIC) are extremely hard, inert, thin, and transparent molecular coatings that protect and beautify stainless. TiN and LIC coatings are available in golds, bronzes, blues and blacks. Colored stainless steel is available in various finishes, including: mirror, satin, non-directional, and bead blast.

(6WL® pattern used in samples below. Colored stainless steel is available in all Rigidized® Metals patterns.) *Please note: Representations of samples shown may vary slightly from actual product specifications and/or colors. For complete accuracy, please request a sample.

Titanium Nitride (TiN) Colors - for use in interior applications only

Note: Textured samples below are shown in Rigidized® Metals' pattern 6WL® as an example texture; most patterns are available.

Gold Satin
Gold Satin in Pattern 6WL®
Rose Satin
Rose Satin in Pattern 6WL®
Coffee Satin
Coffee Satin in Pattern 6WL®
Nickel Silver Satin

Light Interference Coloring (LIC) Colors - for use in interior and exterior applications

Note: Textured samples below are shown in Rigidized® Metals' pattern 6WL® as an example texture; most patterns are available.

Black Satin in Pattern 6WL®
Black Satin
Blue Satin in Pattern 6WL®
Blue Satin
Bronze Satin in Pattern 6WL®
Bronze Satin
InvariMatte® Walnut (48" max width; 96" max length)

Please note that ATI 2003 InvariMatte® Walnut can only be deep textured in limited patterns. Please contact a representative to learn more.

Additionally, there will be (2) hanger holes about 1/4" from the edge on the lateral side. This cannot be avoided and should be considered into your design.

Highlighted Metal

The highlighting process polishes the tops of Rigidized® Metals' textures to expose the base metal and can be applied to all colored and powder coated Rigidized® Metals textures. Powder coatings are extremely durable, electronically charged and baked on polyurethane enamels. Powder coating colors include RAL colors, transparencies, and special textured finishes.

Recommended gauges: .024", .029", .036"(other gauges & sizes may be available upon specific applications)

Specifing Color

All highlighted metals can be produced in any color. For consistency, we use and recommend the RAL color system since our recommended method of applying paint is powder coating. See for all options.

Niagara in Grey (2FL) Prime Side (Painted)
Virginia in Blue (5WL®) Non-Prime Side (Painted)
Cobblestone Black Mirror (1NA®) Non-Prime Side (Painted)
Middlesex Blue Mirror (6WL®) Non-Prime Side (Colored SS)
Richmond in Black (4LB) Non-Prime Side (Painted)
1UN in Black Mirror Prime Side (Colored SS-LIC)
Delaware in Black (6SL®) Prime Side (Painted)
Linden in Red (6HC) Non-Prime Side (Painted)
Arlington in Blue Mirror (6WL®) Prime Side (Colored SS)
Elmwood in Blue Mirror (5WL®) Prime Side (Colored SS)
Allen in Black (RTP®) Prime Side (Painted)
Virginia in Bronze (5WL®) Non-Prime Side (Colored SS)

Other Metals

Color can vary with base metals like copper, aluminum and zinc.

All base metals are only available in Rigidized® Metals patterns.

Copper* (3ND)
Brass Mill** (1CS)
Muntz Metal*** (1NA)
Aluminum Mill
Kynar Coated Aluminum (1CS)
Zinc (2FL)

*Copper is a reddish-colored metal, and will patina over time.
**Brass is the term used for alloys of copper and zinc. Brass will patina over time.
***Muntz metal is a form of alpha-beta brass with about 40% zinc and 60% copper. It's primary benefit is that it is a more corrosive resistant brass. Available in both mill and satin finish, muntz will patina over time.

FG3 Anti-Fingerprint Coating

On several finishes and micro textures, we also offer Fine Guard 3 (FG3), an anti-fingerprint coating available on several stainless steel finishes, including InvariBlend® (hairline) and InvariWisp (vibration), as well as on some colorized finishes. For more information or how to clean it, click here.