Vipertex® enhanced surfaces are rolled in coil form, promoting repeatability, volume production and cost efficiency. These surfaces can then be transformed into tube or used in a flat configuration to incorporate into heat exchanger designs with greater flexibility and scalability, helping you optimize a solution for your project.

Vipertex® Applications - Aerospace

Since weight and space come at a high premium onboard aircraft, heat exchangers need to be as efficient as possible in order to minimize space utilized for their function, as well as weight of materials and charging substances. Vipertex® surfaces, with their inherent enhancement features on both sides of the material, provide an opportunity to design a very efficient system. Heat transfer can be enhanced as much as fivefold compared to smooth tube, suggesting compact units can do the work previously done by larger ones made of less efficient material.

Benefits of Vipertex® in aircraft applications include:

  • Compact units
  • Lightweight units
  • Faster heating and cooling

Download the Vipertex® Enhanced Surfaces for aerospace applications sheet, here.

Whether you are retrofitting an existing installation or building new, let us help you determine the economic value of using Vipertex®. To begin the conversation with the Vipertex® team to optimize a solution for your application, click here.