Why Vipertex® ?

Heat transfer enhancement is an important factor in obtaining energy efficiency improvements in heat transfer applications. Current energy demands and the desire to increase efficiencies of systems have prompted the development of enhanced heat transfer surfaces. Utilization of enhanced heat transfer tubes is an effective method that is utilized in the development of high performance thermal systems.

A new type of enhanced three dimensional heat transfer tube has been created by Vipertex®. This is accomplished through the use of the primary enhancement and secondary background pattern. Produced to ASTM A1098 standard, Vipertex® enhanced surfaces have been designed and produced through material surface modifications that create flow and increase surface area, resulting in enhanced performance. These surfaces can be used to create enhanced tubes that increase heat transfer. Download the Vipertex® brochure, here.

About Us

Vipertex® is the heat transfer division of Rigidized® Metals Corporation ‚Äď a company backed by 75 years of experience in deep-textured metals, renowned dependability, and unsurpassed customer service. Since 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has led the world in the development and production of deep-textured, three dimensional metals used in architectural, industrial and transportation applications. Rigidized® Metals products are known for their attractive, economical and functional appeal. The Rigidized® Metals deep-texturing process adds strength, impact resistance and the ability to hide scratches. It also allows for down-gauging, resulting in lighter, longer lasting products and reduced maintenance costs.

Rigidized® Metals' deep-textured metals are available in a wide palette of textures giving the kind of rich surface variation few materials can provide.

Current Vipertex® standards:

  • Depending on alloy, Vipertex® tubes can be produced using the A1098 ASTM standard
  • Heat exchangers can be produced with Vipertex® tubes according to ASME Code case 2877, which details the design of head exchangers using Vipertex® tubes.

For more information on Vipertex® products, including enhanced heat transfer tubes, fins, heat sinks, and solar surfaces, contact us or call 877-360-9716.

Please note: 3A-approved tube not pictured on this website.

Rigidized® Metals Corporation is an organization that is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. We have implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System into every aspect of our operations.