Taking Tube Technology to the Next Level

Vipertube® utilizes the advantages of the Vipertex®-enhanced surfaces. Produced to ASTM A1098 specification, Vipertube® is manufactured for the highest level of quality in high-pressured tubing. Since every application is different, Vipertube® can be customized to meet your needs ‚Äď including a variety of materials, alloys and sizes, electro-polishing, bending, and coiling capabilities. Download our complete brochure, here.

Vipertube® outperforms, and provides significant advantages over, standard smooth tubes.

When you need to enhance the heat transfer performance of your

process application, there's one name you need to specify: Vipertex®.

A revolutionary metal surface technology, Vipertex® features patented enhancements that dramatically improve your heat transfer performance.

Vipertex® Enhanced Heat Transfer Tubes

Enhancement of heat transfer using Vipertex® tubes is produced from a combination of secondary flow generation, increased turbulence, boundary layer disruption, increased heat transfer surface area and an increased number of nucleation sites; all leading to an enhanced heat transfer performance for a wide range of conditions.

Under many conditions, Vipertex® tubes can recover more energy and provide the opportunity to advance the design of many heat transfer products. Enhanced heat transfer tubes are widely used in order to reduce cost and create a smaller application footprint.

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Please note: 3A-approved tube not pictured on this website.

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