Interior Panel System Core Materials

Panel cores enhance physical and acoustic properties of the panels. Panels can be faced in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and steel in thicknesses of .016"-.090". Mechanical finishes include mill, polished, embossed and Rigidized® Metals deep textured. Powder coated and colored stainless steel are also available. Panel thickness can be from 1/4" to 2" with the length and width limited to the panel face material (stainless steel 60"x144"). We can supply a premium fire rated MDFB or an aluminum honeycomb core laminated with an FR adhesive.

Smoke and Flame Testing Data:

Plymetal Panel (ASTM E 162)
Aluminum Honeycomb Panel (ASTM E 84)
Faced Aluminum Honeycomb Core Panel (ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662)
Honeycomb Core Panel (ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662, Boeing BSS 7239)