Vipertex® Applications - Power Plants

Vipertex® enhanced surfaces, either in a tube or flat rolled configuration, are rolled into coils of metal, promoting repeatability, volume production and cost efficiency. Vipertex® makes it possible to incorporate enhanced surfaces into heat exchanger designs with greater flexibility and scalability, helping you optimize a solution for your project.

The power industry can benefit greatly from the use of Vipertex® enhanced surfaces. Whether the facility is fossil fuel charged, nuclear or alternative, heat that is generated in these plants needs to be managed. Heat transfer can be enhanced up to fivefold in heat exchangers made with Vipertex® tubes and sheets compared to smooth tubing. While increased efficiency is a desirable benefit in itself, there is a remarkably powerful argument to be made to retrofit bottlenecked operations with a more efficient heat exchanger that does not require additional space to install. The economic value to the end user is extraordinary.

For new installations, Vipertex® affords the opportunity to build a higher capacity unit. Another way to consider this is that a unit of given capacity will be smaller if constructed using Vipertex® materials. Building a smaller unit in the first place can be economically compelling in terms of reduced materials, reduced real estate required, and less project complexity.

Potential benefits of Vipertex® in power plant applications include:

  • Bottleneck resolution
  • Higher cooling capacity
  • Smaller, less expensive heat exchanger installations
  • Demonstrated anti-fouling properties
  • Readily enhanced stainless steel and titanium for corrosive applications

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