Interior Panels with a Phase Change Material Core

Working with Infinite R we are developing panels to contain phase change materials as a core to a decorative textured metal panel. The panel above is a stainless steel front with a 6SL® texture. The phase change material is blended to melt at room temperature absorbing excess heat that can be used later when the room cools. The "smart thermal mass" effect allows the interior space to remain comfortable during fluctuations in heat gains and losses from occupants and solar insolation.

Rigidized® Metals panels provide an excellent heat transfer surface and the wide variety of textures provide a great looking, durable surface without paints or coatings. Contact a representative to learn more.

Multi-Level Temperature Control

Phase change panels in Rigidized® Metals' Rigi-Bump® pattern RB-4, shown here, attach to sheets of BioPCM, a phase change material, that retain heat and release it when temperatures drop.