Specifying a Rigidized®Metals Textured Panel System

Rigidized® Metals deep textured panel system are attractive, durable, and easily installed. Designed and fabricated to your specifications, the possibilities are limitless. Our most common panel configuration is outlined below to help designers specify metal panels for interior use.

Select a Pattern

These six textures below are the most popular for interior panel applications. We will put your pattern on a base of 20 gauge stainless steel with a satin finish.


Choose the Core

A MDF (medium density fiberboard) core will give the most impact resistance but be significantly heavier than an aluminium hex cell core. Both cores will be 3/4" thick and backed with a .032" thick "pretreat" aluminium skin to balance the panel structure and allow for fastening.

Specify the Corner

Welded and polished corners

Specify the Attachment System

Aluminium Z-clips are the most common attachment system specified. Clips are attached to the panels as delivered to mate with field installed Z-clip rails.

Create Your Vision

Download the our technical drawing for reference and our word document for specifying.