Hive City Competition 

A University of Buffalo's Ecological Practices Research Group design competition sponsored by Rigidized® Metals Corporation.

This was a great opportunity for Rigidized® Metals Corporation to work with students on digital fabrication techniques, especially in the hand-off of digital files with complex pattern/data sets from the Architects CAD to our Fabrication CNC code. The custom perforated deep textured panels were of six different designs allowing for a unique and complex design while simplifying workflow. Hexagonal panels went from relatively open designs to complete opaque, allowing panels to create a beautiful interplay of solid and void. The panels were fabricated using Rigidized® Metals' pattern 5WL® in stainless steel with the texture further enhancing the play of light on the structure.

Links to more information:

Project Site
Architect Magazine Article
Landscape Architecture Article
Globe and Mail Article

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Illuminated Panel 

This concept was an experiment in a method to add illumination to corridors and walkways within our existing panel system. Using conventional CNC fabricating techniques to create unique openings that when covered with a translucent acrylic panel could be backlit using energy efficient lighting units that in this case are fluorescent.
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Wall Sconce in a New Light 

Texture metal creates a glow to reflected light while preserving specular highlights.
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1RL with Wood Reveals 

Our 1RL texture contrasted with a wood reveal.
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