3XmT Takes Top Award: Architect’s Newspaper 2013 Best of Design Award for Fabrication! 

From Chip Skop, Director-Sales & Marketing:

"Nick Bruscia, Chris Romano, and their team, along with the RDGZRS (Rigidized Team) should be congratulated for such an awesome accomplishment! Words do not adequately convey the sense of pride and accomplishment we all feel. Cheers to a job well done. May there be many more to follow."

Link to Architect's Newspaper Article

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TEX-FAB Exhibitions: Skin Competition with Rigidized® Metals 

From the TEX-FAB announcement:

"The 3xLP team, Christopher Romano and Nick Bruscia with Phil Gusmano and Dan Vrana, have been working toward a new and larger version of their winning proposal for the SKIN competition.

We have aligned several industry partners with this effort that have provided material support like Rigidized® Metals in Buffalo, NY who the 3xLP team brought forward from ongoing collaboration."

Link: TEX-FAB Site

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No Sweat Roof Solution in Deep Textured Metal 

WINTER STUDIO 2014: The Sweat Lodge

After the polar vortex blizzard shut down day one, the +FARM winter studio team successfully designed, fabricated, and constructed a 7 person sweat lodge in 3-1/2 days. Even with the late start, and a Saturday rain storm the crew shed their cumbersome cloaks for a little summer skin to sweat it out! The project rightfully named: SoftCore-HardForm, was based on the concept of a hard knife exterior to cut wind and snow loads on the structure while gently wrapping the body with a warm soft interior.

Winter Studio Team:
Christin Hu
Michael McDowell
Solomon Oh
Lavender Tessmer
Stephanie Vito

Joseph Vidich
William Haskas

Metal Fabricator
Tim Brewster - T&T Welding

Stainless Steel
Rigidized Metals Corporation

A very special thank you to Jason Schindler + Chip Skop at Rigidized Metals

Link to Web Site: www.plusfarm.org
Link to Facebook Page: +Farm Winter Studio 2014
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Rigidized® Metals Presents at Facade Tectonics #14 

Rigidized presents at the Facade Tectonics #14:

"FACADE T E C T O N I C S was established as a research focus group of the doctoral program in the School of Architecture at the University of Southern California in 2008. The group held workshops, conferences and Ph.D. seminars examining a range of issues related to the “outside six feet” of a building. Students and faculty were interested in materials, assemblies, sustainability, daylighting, structures, and many other topics. Our enthusiasm quickly outgrew our group. Strong professional and academic interest in the building envelope resulted in sold-out conferences, and FACADE T E C T O N I C S has emerged as a global collaborative community of professionals and scholars. We welcome the participation of everyone involved in the design, delivery, maintenance and use of the building envelope."

Our presentation focused on the advantages added by deep texturing metal to parametrically designed facade components.

Attached is a link to an annotated version of our presentation:

Facade Tectonics #14 / Rigidized Metals
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Rigidized® Metals Lends Support to Leaning Towers 

From The Buffalo News:

"They were designed by UB architecture student Isabella Brito and produced through a collaboration between the University at Buffalo’s architecture department and a student team led by Brad Wales, the Burchfield Penney and the Buffalo company Rigidized® Metals Corporation."

Article Link: The Buffalo News
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