Premier Elevator Brings Stainless and Color Together at George Brown 

Fifteen Rigid-tex® textured stainless steel panels, five per wall, four equal above and one oversized below, line all non-access walls. Each panel is pan formed with soft edges that meet on the rear corner with a hairline joint creating a continuous flow from one wall to another. Powder coated 76mm horizontal reveals contour the horizontal panels colored to match the nine colors of the George Brown college representing Major courses for the college.
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New Rigidized® Metals DuoTex Patterns 

Our Linear Deep Textures on an Embossed Surface On

Rigidized® Metals' DuoTex patterns combine the bold presence of our linear deep textures on a refined embossed surface to create a great look at fifteen feet and fifteen inches.

Download for Brochure: DuoTex for Elevators Brochure
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1CS Featured in Hyatt Elevators 

1CS pattern is featured in Hyatt elevators.
Elevator Interiors fabricated and installed the 1CS laminated to MDF. Architect: HHL Architects

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1RL with Wood Reveals 

Our 1RL texture contrasted with a wood reveal.
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Nice look at 5WL® in edge lighting

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