Vipertex® Applications - Marine

Vipertex® enhanced surfaces, either in a tube or flat rolled configuration, are rolled into coils of metal, promoting repeatability, volume production and cost efficiency. Vipertex® makes it possible to incorporate enhanced surfaces into heat exchanger designs with greater flexibility and scalability, helping you optimize a solution for your project.

Space and weight are important considerations for heat exchangers onboard marine vessels. Thanks to thermal efficiency, that can be as much as fivefold better than smooth tubes. Units made with Vipertex® enhanced surfaces can be smaller and carry less charging substance than those made of conventional materials. This provides more space for payload an dpotentially more cruising range.

Consideration should also be given to a Vipertex® design for engine cooling. In the case of watercraft, it is typical to run out of cooling capacity before you run out of horsepower. Theoretically, cruising speed can be increased by cooling engines using Vipertex® technology. Further, cooler engines can run more efficiently, as well.

Potential benefits of Vipertex® in marine applications include:

  • Compact units
  • Lightweight units
  • Higher payload
  • Increased engine cooling capacity
  • Faster heating & cooling of the cabin
  • Extended cruising range
  • Reduced operating cost from improved energy efficiency

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