Vipertex® Enhanced Surfaces

Vipertex® enhanced surfaces are designed to promote thermal transfer. These engineered surfaces can be welded into tubing or used in a flat configuration. Vipertex® offers enhancements engineered to your specific application. Enhancements can be applied to one or both sides of the surface.

Flat rolled applications include plate and frame or braised heat exchangers as well as vessels where it may be beneficial to add a heat exchanging function.

For most applications, our 1EHT surface will provide the best solution. It has been engineered to provide enhanced thermal transfer through incresed surface area in addition to surface patterns taht promote turbulence and nucleation sites.

Vipertex® model 2EHT provides a surface absent of dimples to accommodate applications requiring simpler geometry as in the case of very small diameter tubes.

Vipertex® model 3EHT surface produces an 8.9% surface area increase when compared to flat surfaces.

Vipertex® model 4EHT provides an impressive 25% increase in surface area.

Our new herringbone pattern, currently in development, is an engineered surface that is optimized for certain condenser tube applications.

Full research reports are available upon request. For more information on Vipertex® enhanced surfaces, or to request a quote, contact us or call


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