Vipertex® Applications - Automotive

Vipertex® enhanced surfaces, either in a tube or flat rolled configuration, are rolled into coils of metal, promoting repeatability, volume production and cost efficiency. Vipertex® makes it possible to incorporate enhanced surfaces into heat exchanger designs with greater flexibility and scalability, helping you optimize a solution for your project.

Automobiles present a number of challenges from a thermal management standpoint. Whether the wheels turn from engines and transmissions or batteries and motors, automotive power train systems run hotter these days and there is pressure to find better ways to deal with all of this heat. Fortunately, heat exchangers made with Vipertex® enhanced surface tubing and sheetscan be up to five timesmore efficient than conventional units. Vipertex® can allow you to design heat exchangers that can be as efficient as possible so that they can occupy less space, require less charging substance, and facilitate more efficient operation of the vehicle.

Potential benefits of Vipertex® in automotive applications include:

  • Compact units
  • Lightweight units
  • Increased power train cooling capacity
  • Faster heating and cooling of the cabin
  • Extended range of the vehicle
  • Improved energy efficiency of the vehicle

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