Vipertex® and HTRI® have developed a design calculator for members' use that allows HTRI® Xchanger Suite software to perform designs utilizing Vipertex® tubes. HTRI® software products are widely recognized as the industry standard for the design, rating, and simulation of heat transfer equipment. Using the Vipertex® design calculator interfaced with the HTRI® software, several manufacturers have been able to calculate a significant reduction in the number of tubes used and efficiency increases using Vipertex® tube.

  • A leading heat exchange manufacturer reduced the number of copper tubes used in a current production unit by 50% using Vipertex® model 1EHT tube.

  • One hot water tank manufacturer calculated a 60% reduction in coil size using Vipertex® coils.

HTRI® members can access the Vipertex® HTRI® Xchanger Suite calculator upon request. The Vipertex® HTRI® calculator is currently available by calling 877.360.9716.